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1924 German Grain Sack Wing Chair

1924 German Grain Sack Wing Chair

This is a 'made to order' piece so give us your thoughts and we'll turn it into reality.
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Grain sack wing chair – telling a unique story
Vintage Wing chair in perfect combination with a stunning collection of German grain sacks in beautiful quality, herringbone linen with unique print and blue woven stripes.

These rare sacks were printed with name of farm and area, sometimes with stripes which were unique to each individual farm.

We allow the fabrics to lead the design, mixing numbers, names and dates as features to create a grain sack chair which tells the story of these fabulous fabrics.

These sacks are increasingly hard to find – we are always sourcing so have got some in stock to design a made to order chair.

This is a "made to order" piece, so it involves a bespoke process.

We will create an entirely unique chair for you. You will be involved throughout the process. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so you will have the opportunity to discuss and approve every detail. We've been designing chairs for clients worldwide for quite a few years so we have quite a streamlined process! The time it will take will depend on your requirements and consultations, it can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks for completion, but if you've got an urgent deadline just let us know and we'll do our best to fit you in!

You can read about the process in our made to order details page.

Delivery is free within the U.K. We ship worldwide - contact us for a quote for overseas delivery.

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